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Arouse the interest of your employees through certified schooling! So in our certified E-learning courses, there are solutions to various problems related to data protection. For this purpose we offer the two courses: Protection of personal data and Basic elements of information security.

Designed to pique the interest of your employee

Easy to understand
Short questions on the topic and answers

3D animations
To make it even easier to understand, we use 3D animations.

- Introduction
- Marketplace principle Example address list

- Special categories of personal data
- Principles of governance in the processing of personal data

- Data rights of the subject
- Transmission of data to countries outside the EU
- Data protection officer

[ E-learning Custom ]

The course can be run in standard or custom mode. Before being run, your own logo can be integrated into the e-learning course, or you can make adjustments as you like using the AUTHORING tool.

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